HMS Heroes


We are lucky enough to have a PTA who have arranged some very enjoyable events such as Halloween and Valentines discos, Easter egg hunts and school fayres. These events have raised lots of money for the school.

Parent Council

We have recently formed a parent council where parents can give their views.  So far parents have given their views on healthy lunch boxes, homework and how our school deals with bullying and its use of playground mentors.


Lets Talk Assemblies

Every week we have a Let’s Talk assembly.  This is a pupil led assembly where we discuss issues in society such as discrimination, human rights and keeping safe.  The assemblies give us a chance to give our views and listen to others. It helps develop our confidence in public speaking.  It is also our chance to suggest changes or improvements that can be made in school, for example giving our views on our new healthy lunch box guidance.  British Values are a theme throughout these assemblies as they are democratic forums, mutual respect and tolerance towards one another is shown, laws are discussed whilst individual liberty is celebrated.

Keeping Safe

We have lots of visitors in school that teach us how to keep safe.  Our teachers have taught us how to keep safe online and how to report to CEOP.  We have had the Fire Brigade in to talk to us about fire safety.  We have had Colchester United in to talk to us about Knife Crime. As a school, we use the Zones of Regulation to manage our emotions.


All Different, All Equal

In school we celebrate the fact that we are all different and unique.  Through RE, PSHE and assemblies, we learn about different faiths, cultures and religions and we challenge stereotypes. We often finish our assemblies with the saying We are ‘All Different, All Equal’.

Visits to Stanway Green Lodge

Every half term a group of children get to visit residents at Stanway Lodge.  We take our books and talk to residents about our learning. We get to learn about history through stories from the residents.  They also let us join in with their activities, for example celebrating Diwali.  It is a valued experience for both pupils and residents.

School Council

Every week we have class council meetings where we can discuss what is going well in school and things we would like to change.  Each class has 2 class council representatives who feed back the views of their class in school council meetings.  For example, the school council are currently deciding on items of new playground equipment for pupils.

Army Links

20% children at our school have one or more parent working for the British Armed Forces.  These children enjoy coming to ‘Miltary Club’ twice a week where they can share stories and make craft items for family members who are away from home.  Some of our children also take part in a reading scheme called Reading Force which helps families come together through a shared book. We are also lucky enough to have members of the army come into school and do activities with us such as assault courses and cookery.

Open Afternoons

We love inviting in our parents into school to see our learning.  The science afternoon was lots of fun.  Parents get to see our books once every half term during parents evening too.  In the summer term we enjoy having our parents in school for lunch.


We have a buddy system where year 3 and year 6 are buddied up.  Year 6 like to help their year 3 buddies with reading and in afternoon lessons.  They also look out for their buddies on the playground and check that they have friends to play with.  It is such a good system that year 4 and 5 asked to be buddied up also.  So now every child in school has a named buddy!

Father Nicolas

Once a term Father Nicholas, from All Saints Church comes in to give us an assembly.