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    The parent council was established in April 2018.  We meet once a half term to bring ideas and suggestions forward and ask questions about school.  So far, we have made changes to homework based on feedback from parents, we have agreed on some guidance about what makes a healthy lunch box and we have raised awareness of how we follow anti bullying procedures in school.

    Healthy Lunch Box Consultation

    We are in the process of  encouraging healthy lifestyles for children.  As part of this we want to educate children on what healthy lunch boxes look like. This guidance was put together in consultation with parents on 23.4.18.  We are currently seeking views and feedback from parents about this guidance.  Children have had the opportunity to give their views on this in our Let's Talk assemblies.  Thank you to parents for the idea of the 'healthy lunch box' stickers.  These are being used to recognise where children have made healthy choices.

  • What makes a healthy lunchbox? Download your copy here
  • Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school